Skibum MacArthur is an art space in the Frogtown area of Los Angeles. It focuses on longer solo exhibitions of artists who have not shown extensively in LA. One of Skibum MacArthur’s main objectives is to work together with artists to question how art is exhibited, contextualized, and circulated. Any sales will be accompanied by a Negotiated Resale Rights agreement to reaffirm the mutual trust and amity between the artist and the collector. Our hope is that the project will contribute meaningfully to the dialogue in LA’s dynamic, growing art scene and provide an invigorating platform for artists.

Skibum MacArthur has recently moved into Tin Flats, a new artist-run space founded by Stephen Neidich located in Frogtown at 1989 Blake Avenue in Los Angeles. The space, in addition to featuring studios for artists and a workshop, will host residencies with the Underground Museum and a full schedule of events and exhibition programming.

Open hours noon-6pm Friday and Saturday and by appointment (Please email

1989 Blake Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(Google Maps takes you to our old location)