Skin Ego
Curated by Lourença Alencar, Kate Eringer, Irina Gusin, Dongyoon Park, and Elaine Yang
June 26 – August 7, 2016

Forget the white box, the house, the mother, the podium, and the pedestal. Do you feel the clay of the earth? Now that the cotton wool is gone and the object stands alone on a wooden stool, what do we see?

Fully fledged and aware.

Learn the grooves and undulations of the bodily blueprint. Read the intent in its form. The shared skin, an incubator for the developing ego. What is an unencumbered object? Is it rooted or does it break in the wind?

The infant makes sense of the world around it through its body.

Here is the bridge, the cousin: two pairs of interlinked fingers. Two hot fingers and two cold fingers combined make you warm. Fall in the gaps. The ground. The wall. 

You dip in a cool pool of water but the sun eventually fades.

Skibum MacArthur presents Skin Ego, an exhibition of works by artists Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Andrew Emard, Nasim Hantehzadeh, Dwyer Kilcollin, Nick Kramer, Graham Landin, Chelsea McCarthy, Maxfield Miles, and Wyatt Miles.